“Impermanence is the Only Thing that Works in Fahrenheit Around Here” by Sara Adams
“Greensleeves” by Jessamyn Birrer
“Redshift” by Jessamyn Birrer
“Tocsin, Siren, Chime” by Jessamyn Birrer
“What Will You Do if the Pain Subsides?” by Ace Boggess
“What Does the Old Moon Think of the New Moon” by Kristene Brown
“She Keeps Trying to Tell Me”  by John F. Buckley
“Play” by M. Brett Gaffney
“Grief, Some Questions” by M. Brett Gaffney
“Stick Horse” by M. Brett Gaffney
“Double Feature” by Kia Groom
“Trickle-Down Theory” by Kenan Ince
“Let’s Trim Our Hair in Accordance with the Socialist Lifestyle” by Kenan Ince
“Slaine” by Kenan Ince
“Molluscs” by Kenan Ince
“In the Beginning There Was the Worm” by Alleliah Nuguid
“Procreation or Not” by Cathryn Shea


“Bodies of Water” by Lauren Eyler
“New Route” by Brian Oliu


“Catch” by Kathleen Furin
“The Howler” by LaTanya McQueen
“Tree” by Nathanael Myers
“My Father and His Beautiful Slim Brunettes” by Peg Alford Pursell
“Alice and the Moon” by Mary B. Sellers
“Forgive Us Our Trespasses, Dad” by Nicholas A. White