Permafrost Issue 34.2 – Spring 2012 Online


Alison Hicks, “Centrifuge,” “Wishbones,” and “Woman in the Leaves”
Liz Robbins, “[the scorpion]”
David James, “The Playwright’s Nightmare”
Sasha West, “The Interior Paramour sends a telegram, sinks a time capsule, sings”
Brad Johnson, “Cat in the Trash”
Christine Hope Starr, “Either Way, It Happens”
J. Matthew Boyleston, “In Back of the Hog Parlor”
Nancy Botkin, “Just the Facts”
Marc J. Frazier, “Adam” and “August Again”
Linda Taylor, “Grail” and “Stillness, and Seeds”
David Clisbee, “Rocking Chair”


Kevin Corbin, “The Anywhere Diner Specials”
Alfredo Franco, “The House in Lewisville”
Walter B. Levis, “Diagnosis of a Teenager”


Joel Isaak, “Glass Mask” and “Salmon Skin Figure”


Heather Stewart, An interview with Nick Courtright and a review of Punchline
Aaron Bauer, An Interview with G. C. Waldrep and a review of Your Father on the Train of Ghosts
Ryan Ragan, “Provisional Realities,” an interview with Nick Lantz